Posted by krug  |  July 25, 2019

This training day will be dedicated to Research Data Management in the case of researches dominated by the use of quantitative data. Practice characteristics and appropriate tools will be studied for the different research data life-cycle steps. Also, the impact of quantitative data on the creation of data management plans will be part of the lessons. Three different workshops will take place during the day, respectively dedicated to quantitative data capture with REDCap, global quantitative data management with Renku and reuse of quantitative data from open research data repositories.

Target audience:

The workshop is intended for researchers, PHD students, librarians, archivists, heads of research departments. The class is open to HES internal and external audience.


Eliane Blumer, Anne-Laure Kaufmann, Silas Krug

Documentary Information Specialist, Scientific Information and Libraries

Research Data Library, EPFL


February 21th, 2020


To be defined.