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The day will be divided in two parts:

First half of the day (May 5th, 2021) will be dedicated to a global discovery of Qualitative Research Data Management (QRDM). The lesson will start with a definition of qualitative data, the clarification of qualitative researches’ scope and the benefits and duties of this scientific approach. After an analysis of qualitative data use’s impact on Open Research Data and the FAIR Principles, the whole Research Data Life-Cycle will be reviewed to highlight how qualitative data may be processed at each step. The morning session will then be closed with explanations on how to process a Data Management Plan (DMP) or respond SNSF requirements for a qualitative research and with a brief review of Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Softwares (CAQDAS) such as NVivo.

Second half of the day (May 26th, 2021) will be consecrated to a workshop on NVivo, whose following functionalities will, among others, be addressed :

  • Data importation,
  • Data coding as nodes (topical clustering) or as empirical cases,
  • Text search queries, word frequency queries,
  • Visualization options (Explore diagram, comparison diagram, synapsies)

This training has the purpose to bring knowledge, tools, resources and facilities to researchers or any person practicing Research Data Management (RDM) in the specific cases of researches based on qualitative data.

Global RDM concepts as FAIR Principles, Open Research Data or the Data Life-Cycle will be addressed, and practical considerations like Data Management Plan conception and funding demand will be directly related to qualitative data management.

Target audience: ​​​​​​

The workshop is intended for researchers, PHD students, librarians, archivists, heads of research departments. The class is open to HES internal and external audience.


  • Basma Makhlouf-Shabou: PhD, Co-Director, DLCM project, HES Professor, Information Sciences Department at Geneva School of Business Administration (HEG, HES SO)
  • Silas Krug: Documentary Information Specialist at HEG-GE, Training and Consulting in Data Life-Cycle Management Project




May 19th, 2021

May 26th, 2021



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