Posted by krug  |  July 25, 2019

Managing research data in compliance with applicable laws and regulations is an essential part of any research project, and the recently established Open Data requirements add a layer of complexity to the subject.

This workshop explains how to address intellectual property issues and sensitive data management practices, through a legal overview and actual examples. Participants are encouraged to bring their own cases and to find an answer collectively, under the guidance of the trainer.

Target audience:

The workshop is intended for researchers, PHD students, research counsellors, librarians and in general for all people dealing with research data. The class is open to HES internal and external audience.


Pierre-Yves Burgi, PhD

Director, DLCM project
Collaborator of the Competence Center in Digital Law

Deputy IS Director, University of Geneva


November 8th, 2019, from 1 :30 PM to 5 PM


Friburg, Switzerland