By consulting services, we mean the professional activity consisting of making available to those who request it the skills and knowledge of experts or specialists in a particular field. Because the Data LifeCycle Management (DLCM) of research data involves many questions, which include, but are not limited to data organization, file formats, metadata as well as legal and regulatory aspects, important outcomes of this project are the training of the end-users and the offering of consulting in some specific DLCM areas. These resources will be made available through this national portal.

DLCM Coordination Desk services

We are pleased to announce the development of new services related to the management of research data in Switzerland. Starting in July 2018, these services will support researchers, information professionals and administrators in the management of data throughout its lifecycle through:

  • Information and support services regarding the various research data management requirements
  • Catalogs of institutions and experts to help you with your activities
  • Training opportunities



Researchers and staff from Swiss universities interested in the implementation of such services in their institution are invited to contact us at