OLOSprovides researchers with a long-term solution

Built on five years of collaboration in the context of the national DLCM project, OLOS provides a FAIR long-term digital repository solution to solve the preservation and publication needs that funders and publishers increasingly require, while helping researchers to better manage and secure their research data overall.

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OLOSserves institutional needs

OLOS is based on the DLCM technology, a flexible and integrated solution already in use in Geneva Canton for all Higher Education Institutions. Providing archiving and preservation of institutional research data, OLOS expands value to institutions by making their research data compliant, accessible and re-usable on the long term.

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OLOSpartners with you

OLOS collaborates with you to provide end-to-end solution to suit your structure, from ingesting data from your institutional servers to integrating with existing equipment and applications used by your researchers.

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